2005 XC Marathon Champs

XC Marathon Champs
Ireland’s first mountain bike marathon event is happening on September 18th at Carlingford, Co. Louth. Covering 60km off road this is more of a day out than a race. The route will be well marked so you can take your time. Sign on is at 10am in the Carlingford Community Centre, with a mass start at 11am. Get in touch if you want to come along.

4 Responses to 2005 XC Marathon Champs

  1. Bub says:

    sunday 18 sept 2005
    carlingford co louth
    marathon champs
    sign on community centre 10am
    11am start
    warm up
    dont bother
    45 miles of best that cooley can offer
    surrounded by castles
    follow the signs carefully
    fern bushes
    easy climbs(remember its only the start)
    decents to boil the blood of any gravity funky junky
    but be careful its a long way home
    gets you out of the house for the day
    the long womans grave
    scene scenery
    only 2 miles of tarmac
    burney legs
    follow the signs carefully
    smelly mountain goats
    more grass than a rasta man could handle
    cruel climbs
    theres the isle of man
    blackberry bushes
    wild horses
    i can see lough neagh from up here
    bring your sand witches and tea
    follow the signs carefully
    the black run
    spare tubes , multitools and mobile phones
    the lumpers pub
    is that dublin mtns?
    the grassy decent
    no bogs
    dont knock any fences please!
    and yes more singletrack
    follow the signs carefully
    close all gates behind you
    cap daze
    tired wee legs
    but happy smiley
    contact aiden 0876262998

  2. Dyl says:

    anyone from MAD going to the marathon?
    im well interested Dylan

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am going to participate in such an adventure. I am really into marathons and I hope there is going to be lot of people and lots of fun.
    I am not sure how is going to look the space in the car but will let know earlier, hopefully by Wednesday.

    Peter (Polish)

  4. Morgan says:

    I’m heading up. I think Noel is too. Along with the Poles we should have room for plenty of people.