Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th March

Hello ladies and gents,

This weekend consists of two spins -
Saturday: 10am at Yellow House. We will be heading up to Threerock/Fairy Castle and then either over to Prince Willies/Cloon Wood or over to Tibradden/Cruagh/Massies. Pace will be fine so everybody come!
Sunday: 10am Yellow House. This will be a longer and faster spin than Saturday’s spin but everyone is welcome, and you can always head home early if you want! Route is yet to be finalised but it’s likely to be 4hours or so to the South (vague i know)….

Any queries – call/text/email me

poloholemint @

4 Responses to Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th March

  1. Sean says:

    2 good spins this weekend.
    On Saturday, present and correct were Nigel, Tom(christening his shiny new NRS) Andrew, David, Mick, Roddy, Christian and myself. Kilmashouge became a lot easier than ever before because of the hard, frozen conditions underfoot, or maybe it was just the different scenery that distracted us from the pain!!
    We were joined by Mark Cosgrove and the UCD posse of Rob, Brendan and Oisin before heading down the wocawocas, again the icy conditions made for some interesting riding, but everyone commented on how spectacular the day was….beautiful sunshine and glistening mountains and trails opening up before us. Across, around and over Price Willies and some tough climbing while skirting along the top of Cloon and across to Glencree. Its amazing how much your riding changes on the trails you ride so regualarly when the trail disappearing from under you becomes a distinct possibility and the lottery of whether or not the ice will hold or crack comes into play. In Glencree we met a nice family who, it seemed, were hungry for blood and gore as Mark and Mick took on the gravelly chute…luckily Mark didn’t disappoint by squirreling off the jump and landing at their/our feet to the cheers of the kids,despite the fact that he did the hard part and cleared the chute, but no blood, fortunatley. From there it was the long and tedious road spin down to Masseys before heading for home.
    Sunday saw a lesser crowd of 5 including der fuhrer Morgan, Nigel, Mark Cromie, Paul (who only flew in from Barcelona last night!) and myself.
    A route was loosely decided upon and we headed up through Masseys and onto the Military Road, being (jokingly) half tempted by the lures of a clouded Kippure before turning into Glencree for a second go at the ice ridden puddlefest in a weekend. Unfortunately the sunshine and warmer temperatures brought about somewhat of a thaw and the trail became energy sappingly sludgey. Across and into Cloon and down the sweet DH track there, it was here that Paul heard the call of a motorcycling event and turned for home. Upon deciding to head over Knockree, Morgan decided on a bit of exploration and brought us through an almost unpenetrable wood and a long hike-a-bike section through very gorsey gorse ending up back where we started 40 mins later as Nigel then confessed to having a map in his bag! picking out a suitable fireroad from it, we descended only to find that the required junction doesn’t exist and had to climb back up again! 1hr 15 mins later, we still hadn’t advanced any further than Cloon carpark, but now had a wealth of knowledge of where not to go in future! From Cloon we decided to abandon plans of Knockree and head back to Enniskerry and home….having some fun with a super fit old guy on a clunker bike and a young roadie trying to put on a show for us as we went.
    All in all, 2 splendid days of offroad fun, my speedo tells me I did 103km over the weekend.
    Also, if there is further demand, I’ll put up my Flapjack recipe so they can become MAD team issue food.
    See you all again soon,

  2. Rachael says:

    Hi there,

    sounds like a fab weekend… two of the girls in my lab got their PhD’s on Friday so needless to say the weekend was a write-off…. (well, we did start the champagne at 4pm that day!)..

    Keep the updates coming!


  3. TH99 says:

    Yeah it was a pretty ‘cool’ spin the ice added a certain edge to it although its an edge i’ll be glad to say goodbye(must buy leggings!)it was great to see good numbers out, the more the merrier…I finally got my hands on some decent machinery the woca wocas are much more fun with suspension!!!…the descent down through masseys was pretty fast, with mark blazing ahead,and bloody great fun:) rachael its much more fun with champagne…
    only joking MAD does not endorse this kind of bahaviour terms and conditions apply

  4. Rachael says:

    hahaha.. hmmm, well, considering I have issues going down hill anyway I don’t think champagne would be too good for me.. my bike has now moved to Scotland.. (long story, don’t ask) so I might be waiting a little longer on it than planned.. still.. gives me a change to wait til the weather is warmer haha :O yeah, it’s great when there is a crowd… hmm, I can imagine how good suspension is.. I borrowed and rode a full sus when I was in France over the summer and my god I didn’t want to give it back! Tho my bike is a hard tail (If I ever see the thing…)

    Give me a shout if there are any non-riding events coming up, would be good to come have a chat as there no point in me turning up to the YH just yet if I don’t have a bike!