Club Gear – Last Chance Saloon!

Hi folks,

Just trying to round up any more outstanding gear orders from our outstanding 2008 range.

We are particularly short of orders for:

-Ladies shorts
-3/4 lengths
-Leg & arm warmers

Additional charges may have to be paid if we can’t meet minimum order requirements, or we may not be able to offer the full range of gear. In order to avoid this, we need more orders!
If you think you’ll need any new cycling gear in 2008, order it now – this is your last chance!

Click here for details

Anyone who has already placed an order will receive a confirmation email over the weekend.

Happy shopping

2 Responses to Club Gear – Last Chance Saloon!

  1. Paddy says:

    people should buy loads of gear! the winter jackets are pure class, was so damn toasty warm out there tonight despite the freezing wind.

    buy it buy it buy it

    (pressure selling!)

  2. Steve says:

    Yeah I agree with Paddy! I didn’t buy the gear last time and I have regretted it ever since. Really, we get weather for every bit of clothing on that list!

    Surprised not more people have gone for the 3/4 lengths. I can see these being excellent as bibs are a little too warm and let’s face it, they don’t look cool! 3/4′s are going to be the thing to have in a month or two!!