Spins this week: The return of Nigel!!

This week sees the return of Nigel (above sporting the latest in uber-chic Belgian hairstyles) after a long absence from biking so there’s going to be a spin on Sunday in his honour.
The venue will be a riotous rip ’round the Sugarloaf.
Meeting time/location is Kindlestown at 10am (for a few warm-up laps) and heading from there.

In other spin news, Shane Lavelle is running a lively gallop around the Leadmines on Thurs night-meeting at Palmers Pub in Kilternan at 7.00/7.15pm.
Plan is to do the course three or so times at a moderate pace.
Lights and usual kit essential. contact Shane at: 0863195936

Also on Thursday night The Power is going to be brought-on with a lactic-acid boiler of a spin around Ballinastoe with Ireland’s Olympic XC (very) hopefuls Tom and Fergal.
Meet at the Ballinastoe car park at 7:30pm.
Pace will be blistering and will be excellent training for the K-Capital Cup which is inching ever-closer!

No spins are arranged for Saturday as this is an official club trailbuilding day and it’d be great to see people out helping-remember this is a great way to familiarise yourself with trails that you’d never find on your own!

Any other spin info let me know and I’ll update this post.


18 Responses to Spins this week: The return of Nigel!!

  1. Morgan says:

    How do you expect Nigel to make it up the Sugarloaf after living on a diet of waffles, french-fries and mayonnaise for the last six months?

  2. Nigel says:

    my god i look like sex machine in that photo :D There’s nothing better than a ginger ‘fro

    you can add Dhurum/Kebabs to that list, as well as typical student food like pasta in a can, beans on toast, CHOCOLATE, hot dogs, omelettes with a kg of cheese.

    yum yum :D

  3. Fergal says:

    prime athlete fodder!

  4. Tom says:

    Sounds like a perfect carb/protein ratio..god Nigel you should let yourself go once in a while…Actually speaking of letting yourself go…

    …. I know this club has the strictest of diets, but according to the latest in Perfomance Sports Journals the ideal post workout recovery drink is chocolate milk (I kid you not)..so evryone should try Avonmores new chocolate drink, it’s awesome-so much so that I had two litres of it yesterday, obviously all in the name of an optimum recovery time…

  5. barry "the hippy" says:

    conor, and everybody, what happened to the planned savage trip to powerscourt on sunday? i’d prefer to have a crack at that rather than going to the ‘loaf.

    what do you think?

  6. Conor says:

    Barry, I think you and your behemoth of a bike will relish in the sweet delights of the ‘loaf ! 3rock will be there next week.

  7. Nigel says:

    come on bazz :) come to the loaf!!

  8. barry "the hippy" says:

    true, my tank would love the ‘loaf, but unless someone has a spare lift i can’t go!

    any spots left?!

    contact the hippy at 0876449353.

  9. Richie says:

    Lovin the idea of bouncing down the loaf – count me in. I can give a couple of lifts too – txt me quick on 086 8201549.

  10. Tom says:

    …Ok so tonights spin wasn’t the lactic acid factory it was meant to be, mainly because my legs hadn’t recovered from a gym workout yesterday so I was struggling on the climbs, you live and learn…still we got a nice loop in before mine and Steves lights went caput,…Problems aside Ballinastoe is fantastic at night…

    ….Fergal & Oisin, , did another quick loop which had the added danger of foody halucinations,after which we all went home with our food fantasies to keep us company…speaking of which my sheperds pie will be almost ready so goodbye…

    *I think we may aim for something similiar next Thursday, albeit quicker and with some fully charged lights…?…

  11. Fergal says:

    I loved B’stoe last night, – the new gravel making things so fast -
    had a few very near misses and one actual impact with the ground anchors – you really gotta concentrate and get your pedal position right in those corners,
    for the first ever specifically constructed MTB trail in Ireland I am very impressed, definitely be up for the same again next week

    The shepherds pie fantasy drove me mad – all I could thing of was the cheddar cheese slowly baking on top, then out of the oven and gobble gobble – I must get that book Tom…

  12. Morgan says:

    Sorry I didn’t make it down to the ‘Stoe last night. Got out for work late and had to content myself with an evening on the turbo trainer…

  13. Richie says:

    Great spin around the Sugarloaf today lads, even the weather held up – pretty much. Now the bike is clean and put to bed, I’m off for a radox muscle soak bath… oh the life of a mountain biker…

  14. Martin says:

    radox, thats so 1984!

  15. Steve says:

    Good spin yesterday. After a reluctant lap of Kindelstown and a lot of bike talk, we made our way down the mud flicking lane of madness that runs by GOTD. Regrouped here and down the road where we began wading through bogs and lakes that could be the wrong way (Oisin ” Yeah guys,think we were supposed to take the second left”) We pushed on, led by our fearlessly quick president.

    Up and up we went, constantly battling the spidery mud which made for some amusing attempts! We finally reached the rocks that look out over Dublin. Stopped here for more bike talk and to admire Tom’s culinary skills (rocket salad and cherry tomatoes on a mtb spin, who would have thought it?!?)

    Anyway, we made the final push up to the shoulder of the Sugarloaf where myself and Oisin led down in preparation for the Mega Avalanche. Closely followed by bionic Alex and a flying Brian. The mud on the Sugarloaf was legendary. Mud covered mud with the odd rock garden to keep you in check along the way.

    Back onto the road from here and up the previously named mud flicking lane of madness which was just painful at this stage. Into the Glen of the Downs where Morgan once again led us around. Unfortunately I was met with my demise after following Tom through the dark tunnel. Emerged through the other side to simultaneously crash, puncture and to top it off, my entire cassette fell off! I limped back to the carpark while the lads did a quick lap of the Downs.

    Weather held up well on what was a more painful than imagined spin. Must have been 15 out which is really great in a time when spin numbers seem to be slumping! Thanks to Oisin and Morgan for their combined leadership efforts.

  16. Martin says:

    great spin with be, steve and michael I think in Djouce we set off from the lower carpark – and up to xtc – down and over to ac and down the zig zags and across the stream to the waterfall – a steady clim up ride rock and down the steps – up and across to ac again for one more dencetn and a blast back to xtc and onto the lower carpark!

    great spin – loads of fun and bike talk! next week I’m thinking of 3 rock (yup) – Woccas – PW and then crone – ride rock and back around by road.

    steve, numbers ain’t really slumping, think shane l gets loads out and we see 10 plus on average on the easy spins!

  17. barry "the hippy" says:

    morgan, saw that test bike today in cycleways, it still has mud from the ‘loaf on it!

    if only the staff knew. :)

  18. Morgan says:

    The hell it does! I cleaned that thing with a toothbrush.